We’re surrounded
by petrochemicals.

Conventional chemical companies have been creating chemicals based on coal tar for 200 years now. Today, there are thousands of them, hiding in plain sight. But who’s counting?

We are. And it’s time for conscientious chemistry to catch up.

There are currently


harmful chemicals derived from fossil fuels.

So far we’ve created

27 chemicals

from molecules harvested from silk cocoons. With hundreds more on the horizon.


Chemistry with
a conscience.

We believe in building a more bioharmonious* relationship between people, the things we love and the world we live in. And we’re doing it with Activated Silk™ technology, a revolutionary green chemistry platform made from silk cocoons.

*Bioharmony happens when environmental sustainability and biocompatibility come together. Our bodies and our planet are all the better for it.

We partner with companies to replace fossil fuel-based chemicals in their products with bioharmonious Activated Silk. The result? Better product performance. Fewer nasty chemicals. Healthier people and planet.

You can finish a handbag with polyurethane.
Or you can do it with Activated Silk.


Mulberry plants are grown naturally, irrigated only with rainwater.

Pesticide-free mulberry leaves are fed to growing silkworms.

Silkworms spin cocoons of natural silk fiber.

Silkworm pupae become a vital food source for various animals, including local fish.

Natural, non-GMO cocoons are shipped to Evolved by Nature in recyclable containers.

Cocoons are washed in a saltwater bath, leaving silk fibroin.

Silk fibroin is liquified in a simple salt solution, then filtered—leaving the silk protein and water that becomes Activated Silk.

Applied to leather to finish and enhance it.

Leather cut and sewn into a handbag.

Your relationship with the handbag begins.


Fracking used to extract ethane, propane and butane.

Steam cracking used to produce unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Aromatic hydrocarbons created -— such as benzene, a widely used carcinogenic solvent.

Corrosive sulphuric acid and nitric acid added to make dinitrotoluene.

Harmfully mined metals such as palladium added to catalyze into toluenediamine.

Poisonous phosgene gas, used as a chemical weapon during WWI, is added.

It’s mixed with explosives — in this case, hydroxybenzotriazole, which cannot be transported by sea or air due to its hazardous classification.

Applied to leather to finish and enhance it.

Leather cut and sewn into a handbag.

Your relationship with the handbag begins.


Making a molecule
of difference.

We’re scientists. We’re farmers. We’re researchers and industry gurus. We’re people who believe if you can make things healthier and better, well, you should. With radically versatile silk molecules, we’re creating natural chemistry to replace petrochemicals and create brand-new performance benefits in textiles, beauty products and more. Much, much more.